How do you raise a balanced and successful child?

This is a question that we get asked a lot.
And if you want your child to have what it takes to succeed in today’s world – you have to start taking specific steps early and not leave his or her’s development to a chance.

When most parents think about early childhood education they assume that things will work out by themselves and that its ok for your baby to stay at home with a grandparent or a nanny, and “just grow”.

Many parents think that children will learn everything they need by just playing with neighborhood kids and reading a few story books. Watch TV all day and they will be just fine. Ready for what the future has for them.


The School is only a few years away anyway, so even if your child will miss something now, what’s the big deal? Some parents even say – “My child will catch up later – his whole life is in front of him.”

“It turns out that thinking like that can sabotage your child’s current learning, and future life as a whole.

And saving on early education may cost you thousands of dollars extra in a few years, because you may have to spend this money for private tutors and extra classes, just to catch up with other kids and that your child does not get left behind.”

Start with the right foundation early to get ahead.

Everyone knows that any structure is only as strong as it’s foundation. And your child’s early learning foundation is vital for future success.It’s the base that will support everything on it.

Today it’s not only important to learn early how to:

  • read
  • write
  • count
  • and be potty trained

But also learn modern necessities like:

  • individual talent discovery and development of it
  • good manners – saying thank you and please
  • etiquette – how to behave politely and with respect to others
  • social skills – self-awareness and social behavior


And this is just the beginning

The world is speeding up fast today, and your child’s ability to learn and adjust quickly in today’s world is a must.
It’s not a choice anymore.
Especially if you are planning for them to succeed and be happy.

So start early.

It will create a strong foundation for the rest of your and your child’s life.
And that’s why your children need to learn to adapt quickly to what’s new and learn fast, so he or she can thrive in school and in college. Get a scholarship, do what they love in life and be successful at it.

We help you develop a balanced child

When your child gets the right knowledge and guidance early, and he or she is in an environment where they are constantly being observed, cared for, directed, “stretched” and challenged, they’re able to absorb the information a lot better, quicker and more efficiently. They learn how to learn, and apply and polish the new knowledge daily, with children of many different ages.

We provide them with the learning foundation that leads to a successful social and academic life in elementary, middle and high school. Where the combination of your child’s mental capacities paired with their interpersonal skills will then dictate their success in life.

How does it work

E.M.M.A. stands for Explore, Meet, Mature and Advance. This reflects a natural progression of your child’s development from 9 months to 5 years of age.

We are excited to share our unique program. It is based on the best tools for the ultimate growth and development of your child. A system that is designed to work in the modern world.

Our program is developed with a combination of tested and proven research data from the classic programs available today, but also uses cutting edge modern tools.

Modern development techniques

that address unique children’s psychology. We will help you discover your child’s unique talents and abilities, so you know what to focus on and what not to do at all.

We have managed to create an outstanding environment for your child – a place where he or she can grow, learn, play, socialize and be surrounded with love and care – daily.

Come see our nurturing and passionate staff in action, so you can see if it feels and looks right for you and your baby.



If your child is 9m – 5 years young, and you:

  • need a safe and secure, easy to access daycare
  • prefer a curriculum designed for the future
  • your child enjoys homelike care & environment
  • freshly made nutritious meals daily
  • super clean and sanitized modern facilities

Then this daycare center is a right fit for you.


Call us at: 201-614-4144 to schedule a visit and start your 100% risk-free trial* today.

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Emma Daycare is beyond amazing childcare center.
Fantastic curriculum and a very loving and nurturing environment.

Both my boys enrolled when they were only 5 months old. They are now 2 & 4 1/2 years old and my husband and I are amazed at how far they've come!

The facility itself is always very clean and very well maintained. I especially
adore the staff - receiving
texts from them throughout
the day with pictures and updates on how the kids
are doing is a big plus.

We are extremely pleased with the way they handle
our kids.
I can't even put into words what it feels like to not worry when leaving my little ones
in their care. Thank you!

Michelle Kuliyev

"I love the homely atmosphere at EMMA. The staff is very professional, yet the kids feel very comfortable and taken care of. "

"Both my son and daughter are happy when going to the daycare in the morning - always a great sign!"

Saddle Brook

Thanks to EMMA's education my son feels very comfortable right now as he entered Kindergarden. He's one of the best in his class!


Very clean.
Loving environment.
Kids thrive and learn.
Staff truly cares, trustworthy and honest.

Rooms huge! Food equivalent to home cooked meals, and better.

Definitely recommend!

Victoria P

"Excellence is the best word to describe the Emma Center. The unique and diverse educational environment fosters imagination, curiosity and eagerness for learning.

The teachers are constantly interacting with the students; showing how much they enjoy what they do.

Our daughter Staci has attended the center for one year; she started when she was six months old. It makes my day to see my child face to light up when she sees her teachers. I know she is well taken care off and safe!"

Steve & Shylah Oldano

Thanks to EMMA child care attentive teachers we were able to find a personal approach to my son's
inability to learn.

"You guys have found the right balance with the discipline and patient guidance that made these 4 years a breeze!"

"Waiting for my second son
to enroll next spring.
Hands-down the best
daycare in Paramus."

Fair Lawn