What do kids learn at Emma?
The better question is what don’t they learn.

serviceThe most successful people in the world today
are actually those who love what they do.
They discover a personal talent early enough
and develop it into a skill.
But here is the trick – its not enough to just love
doing something and hope you are going to be ok
for the rest of your life.

You have to align that personal talent with something that the world needs,
or will need in the near future.

For example – you may love VHS video tapes, but this most likely will not
help the world anymore and will not make you any money.

But if your natural tendencies are towards art, athletics, leadership,
numbers, drawing, building and creating things, healing and
helping others
– these skills will be in demand and profitable
for a long time in the future.

So when your child’s personal strengths are discovered early enough,
you can develop them into a valuable skill. Which will make them a happier,
more successful and fulfilled person for a life time.

And they will thank you for it!

In today’s world you can succeed almost in anything – especially
if that talent is developed into a skill strategically.

And we will help you develop your child
in a balanced way and make sure
his or her talents are not overlooked.

At our Paramus Daycare and Learning Center, children learn:

  • math, gymnastics, music, proper communications, singing,
  • acting and drama, good manners and etiquette, theater and dance.

Together we go on:

  • field trips,
  • explore other languages, and
  • develop proper gross motor and fine motor skills.

Your benefit as a parent, is that we analyze your child’s individual strengths and tendencies for you, and when they are not with you. Then we specifically address that in their daily development. This way we make the strong sides even stronger, and eliminate as many weak spots as we can – and all this with tender and loving care daily – guaranteed.


The 4 Key Areas Of Child Development:

1. Brain Development / Cognitive

  • General awareness, Problem solving, Predicting, Timing,
    Reacting to directions, Assessing and adapting, Coordination,
    Control, Motor-recall, Judgment calls, Counting, Reading, Writing.

2. Physical Development / Manipulative

  • Gross motor skills:
    Walking, Running, Skipping, Jumping, Hopping, Galloping,
    Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging, Climbing, Crawling, Muscle-memory,
    Kicking, Rolling, Punting, Dribbling , Pushing and Pulling. (phewww….)
    Bending, Stretching, Twisting, Turning, Transferring, Curling, Landing, Flexing, Hanging.
  • Fine Motor Skills:
    Balancing, Manipulation,Squeezing, Throwing, Catching,
    Collecting, Movement coordination, Spatial awareness, Volleying,
    Striking, Drawing, Cycling, Pinching and Arts.

3. Emotional Development / Social

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence, Self awareness and self concept, Empathy, Helping others, Self direction and self control,
    Sharing and Supporting others, Relationship building and Respect for
    others – younger and older alike.

4. Language / Communication

  • Writing, Reading, Speaking, Memory training, Good manners and etiquette.

Please call us at 201-614-4144 or visit our Paramus daycare to get more details on how we help your child’s development and future success. And see it in action!