Day Care Center


Day care is a service provided by certified and trained instructors who are capable of watching children while their parents are busy with several other responsibilities, such as work. Parents may need to rely on the service during each day of the week because of their work schedule, which keeps them from being able to stay home all day long. They need to make money to afford living expenses, but want to make sure that their children are being properly cared for in a safe and trusting environment.


Different areas around the world have different names for this kind of service, but it is all quite similar. For example, it is known as child care to those who live in the United Kingdom, but it is referred to as crèche to the residents of Ireland. Those who live in the United States may call it child care, day care or even school for the little ones, but it all depends on whichever one they choose to use when they are discussing it with other people.


Some parents watch over the kids while other parents may choose to have someone come out to the home to take care of them while they are gone. In these instances, the person who watches the little ones may be referred to as a nanny. The nanny may be a close relative or a non-related individual who is certified and has experience watching little ones. A nanny may put the child down for naps, read stories, prepare meals and handle other small tasks.


There are parents who prefer to take their kids to a facility because they will be able to play and learn with other kids in the same age group as them. They may believe it is better for their little one because it is a new and exciting experience.


There are some employers who are willing to offer sitting services to their employees for the kids that they have, making their lives a whole lot easier. If it were not for such convenient options, they may have a difficult time making it to work because they would have no one available to watch their little ones for them.


One thing many people have noticed is that this kind of service is not always extremely affordable. One of the reasons for that is because of the cost of labor. The individuals work hard in an environment with dozens of children and have to be paid for the services they are providing to the guardians of these children, but it comes at a cost to the parents. There may be government subsidies available to reduce the price so that it is not nearly as high for those who need to use it regularly.


Most of the people who work in these environments are women who receive fairly low wages despite having the proper credentials to care for children. Most of these workers have some type of license to run the facility or a certification that proves they are capable of caring for little ones and supervising them when their guardians are not around. It is important for anyone to check for these things before they choose from different options for their child.


There have been some studies performed on the impact that daycare has on the children who attend it on a daily basis. If they attend a safe environment where they are encouraged to play and learn with others, it is not harmful to them at all. In fact, it gives them time to socialize with other kids their age and learn new things that they would otherwise not get a chance to experience when they are at home. They may even learn to talk a bit more because they will be around other little ones who are talking while playing right next to them.


The History of the Service: When Did It All Begin?


Day care services date way back to the mid-1800’s in France. It was then that the service started being offered in the United States too. Different charities were often the ones who were willing to offer this option to parents who were working and unable to watch their little ones at home. Both the Fit Creche and New York Day Nursery were amongst the first day care centers that were opened as a way of supporting moms who were employed.


Centuries before the opening of these centers, there may not have been such a high demand for this service. There was a point when women were the primary caregivers at the home while their husbands went out to work and make the money that everyone needed to survive.


Understanding the Business Side of Things


In many households, one parent may work while the other stays home with the children, looking after them during the day and at night. While this is a common agreement amongst parents, there are still plenty of other households where both parents work and are unable to commit to watching the children day in and day out for extended hours when they have to be at work. Those people may consider hiring a nanny to do the work for them, especially if they prefer to have someone come to their home instead of putting their child in an environment with others.


Because there are government programs that make this service more affordable for parents to pay for, it is becoming more common for people to choose a day care center for their child to attend. There are a lot of for-profit options, including EMMA Daycare.


What About the Non-Profit Options?


It is believed that non-profit organizations have the best shot at offering a decent education to the little ones who attend these kinds of programs. They tend to offer the kinds of services that parents are seeking when they are looking for the right place to send their child. There are number of benefits associated with this type of option. Some of the benefits include:

• Discounts may be available if the center takes place in a local church.

• There may be dozens of different programs offered to the kids.

• Trustworthy people who are parents themselves are often the ones who run the non-profits.

• They may have fundraising opportunities available to obtain even better resources for the children.


Although there are benefits, there are a few things that potential parents should pay attention to. For example, some centers may only have a certain amount of space available. Once those seats are filled, they will not be able to accept any additional children into the program unless someone moves away and no longer attends.


At-Home Options Are Available


There are individuals who choose to run a daycare center straight from their home. Of course, they must receive certification to do so before they are legally able to open their doors and allow children to come into their home for several hours each day. The reason some people do this is because they like working with children and are looking for a way to earn more income without leaving their home. They may be parents themselves who want to stay with their kids too.


There are rules in place that will provide details on exactly how many children are allowed to be watched by a single person at once. It will also depend on the age of the kids too. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not follow the rules and do their own thing when offering this service. They may run their business illegally, which is not safe at all. It is important for parents to avoid doing business with these people, especially since it puts their own little ones at a serious risk.


Parents must make sure that the person who is watching their kid is someone who has been trained, has taken different courses and has all of the legal paperwork that proves they can take on this type of job. In the meantime, those who are interested in running an at-home daycare should take courses and receive training to ensure that they understand how to work with children of different ages. If they are properly educated, they will be able to do the best job possible.


It is possible that an at-home daycare may be a bit more affordable for parents who are on a tight budget, so it is something that many guardians should think about when they are trying to choose the right option. Most are looking for great quality at a cost that does not break the bank at all.


What to Expect of the Employees


Those who provide this service spend hours at the facility helping all kinds of children, which is why the biggest expense is the labor. The supervisors at a facility may need to meet certain requirements and have specific qualifications to run a legal business. The staff members may or may not need a certification, but it depends on the area where the establishment is located. Because they are often only handling only minor tasks, they may not need to have any certification at all.


Most of the people who are working this kind of job receive minimum wage. Instead of receiving a salary, they will typically get paid for each hour of work that they complete during the week. However, the exact amount of money that a person will receive at one of these positions will depend on where they have been hired and how much experience they have. In fact, their hourly wage could increase if they have been working in this industry for several years.


What Is Required of the Employees?


The requirements of an employee will depend on where they plan to work or operate their business if they are opening up a center on their own. Some laws may be enforced to ensure the safety of each child who enters the facility. There are parents who may choose an establishment based on the recommendations they have received from people they trust, such as relatives or close friends.


Legislation may decide on the exact size of the rooms. There should be enough staff members to cover the number of kids who will come into the facility. The staff to child ratio may be legislated, but the exact amount of children assigned to one staff member will vary from location to location. If there are staff members who have yet to turn 18 years old, an additional team member may need to monitor them throughout the day to make sure they are doing the job correctly at all times.


If there are too many children assigned to one staff member, the employee could become overwhelmed. It could also turn into a dangerous situation if he or she is unable to keep an eye on all of the little ones at once. It is for that reason that all employees working at these kinds of facilities should comply with the rules that have been given to them, especially if they want to run a safe facility for the kids. If they are not exactly following the rules that have been set, they could end up getting cited and even close down because of their refusal to comply.


There are some organizations that are regularly rooting for free childcare services because they know it is a necessity for many individuals who work and are unable to take their children to their jobs with them each day. The great thing is that the persistence has helped because there are now some affordable options out there. Some of the free or low-cost options are programs designed to help the children learn new things while they are being watched, which makes it a win-win for both the parents and their children.


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